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No ordinary love


I'm starting fresh on LJ. I want to find compatible friends. Not people who just want more friends.
  • I'm eighteen right now and turning nineteen in June.
  • I have been a vegetarian for three years and aspire to be a vegan.
  • I love photography.
  • Thrift shopping is a hobby of mine. Antiques are love.
  • In the fall I'm starting my first year in college.
  • I have a septum piercing - & it's the only piercing I have. I have no tattoos.
  • I am not religious. No, I am not atheist. If anything, I'm agnostic.
  • Urban Outfitters could describe my clothing style.
  • Polaroid cameras are fun.
Examples of my favorite movies: lost in translation, labyrinth, 28 days later, the lover, lolita, memoirs of a geisha

Read more on my public entry... :)

I'm not picky. If we share a few interests, comment on my page! I would love to meet new people.
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