Jess Two (ms_jay_two) wrote in addmekthnx,
Jess Two

New to LiveJournal


I'm Jessica.  I am 23. I'm new to the livejournal community.  I'm looking for some new friends.  A little about me: I'm a big nerd.  I love to learn new things and take in new experiences.  I laugh too loud.  I can't dance, but I try.  I think I can sing, and I do all the time, but I don't actually know how good I am.  I love reading.  And Matthew Gray Gubler.  Owls are the greatest animals in existence.  I don't drink wine or beer.  This is just a little sampling of who I am.  Please come check out my journal and friend me.  I will definitely friend you back. 

Also, you can come follow me on Twitter:
Or ask me questions on  Formspring:

Have a fantastic day!

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