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My name is Iesha and I'm 18. I've been writing on Livejournal and other blogging sites for about 6 years. I recently changed journals a few months ago.

Six months ago I moved from Toronto, Ontario to San Antonio, Texas to move in with my boyfriend of whom I met on a Livejournal community. My posts fluctuate from being upfront to being vague as to what I'm talking about. I don't feel the need to explain everything all the time. I have GAD, OCD, and Panic Disorder. So, often, when I'm in a bad mood you'll find that I write these over the top, dramatic entries which coincides with my pretensions. I'll also write about my obsessions and compulsions if they're bothering me enough.

I have dashed dreams of becoming something. I think it's approaching the time that is too late for me to achieve anything of great significance but I'm okay with that. I'm more than happy with my life and appreciative of what I have achieved. School might be an option eventually. At the moment I'm not doing much of anything because I can't work or go to school in the US until I finally get legal residence.

I can be really positive and I can be really negative. I've somehow held on to a little bit of idealism.

I won't get into detail about my interests considering I hardly ever talk about them in my journal but I'm a nerd, collect/build Gundam models, and listen to screamo music. Things you should know to understand most of my entries are:

*I'm an ex drug abuser.

*I've hardly ever lived with my family. I've had abusive foster parents, I've moved from home to home living with random families, I've lived in group homes, and homeless shelters. And I have only found a stable place to call my home when I met my boyfriend, Shane, who I now consider my family.

*Whenever I talk about my family it will always be a very sad entry. My mother is an alcoholic (or a recovering one) and my father is abusive both physically and emotionally. My baby brother died at the age of one because my step mother is irresponsible. My younger brother ran away from home shortly after I left Toronto and I think he feels as if he can't get help from any of our family members, which is pretty much true, and has become a street kid. I always hopethat he is okay.

*If you can't stand depressive entries every now and then you probably shouldn't add me. Also, when I use point form lists like this I have to write at least one useless point in order to make an even amount of points. Yes, I have an obsession with numbers where everything must be even.

That's about it. Friends?
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